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About Vkampus

About VKAMPUS - A Complete School ERP System

A School Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) System is software used to manage all the business processes or in simple language, to manage the administrative tasks of a school in an effective manner. Commonly it is also known as education ERP software or education ERP system or institute management software.

Summarizing, this School ERP System is a complete solution for the school management and school database management. This school ERP software allows all the stakeholders to access the system – principal, teachers, management and parents to view and stay updated with the latest and important information. This school ERP system let teachers spend more time

in teaching and student progress, parents can see their ward’s performance and stay updated, management can perform all the time-taking and important administrative tasks quickly, principal can monitor and manage all the things going on inside and outside the school.

Thus, the key purpose of V-KAMPUS is to provide a complete School Management System. It is web-based school ERP software developed to solve complicated management of a school. From admission to result management system or school result software, this school ERP system assists in all the regular tasks, thus making the work easy for the management.

  • Manage academic structure of a school
  • Manage economic system of the school
  • Manage ERP system of the school

One of the best and most important advantages of this School ERP System V-KAMPUS is that it saves a lot of time which was earlier used in managing massive data and information. Thus, all the back office work can be easily done using the V-KAMPUS school ERP system.

How It Will Help Schools ?

Managing day-to-day school administration tasks is not a cakewalk. VKREATE firmly believes that true success in technical advancements is achieved when they help in eradicating the prevalent challenges. So, why not use the technological advancements for the betterment of School Management. A School ERP System not only makes the school administration work paperless but also makes it easy by just a click. Starting from an admission of a student in a school till the report generation work - all can be done with just a click with school ERP systems.

The School Management and maintaining school database is not only complex with but also time-consuming. Thus, digitalization becomes more urgent for school management and administration. A school ERP software can transform

How Vkampus Helps You

a simple school campus into a modern world digital school campus. All the school administrative and managerial tasks can be monitored through a single platform in an effective way. In a nutshell, school ERP system helps in managing the school administration and management . Thus, allowing the school to function more effectively and easily.

School ERP System helps in:

  • Going Paperless and contributing to the environment.
  • Making communication between school and parents more convenient
  • Online presence of School makes its mission and vision more clear.
  • Reducing the monotonous tasks of administrative team.

Features of VKAMPUS

Student Management

Student Management

This feature is like the brain of the entire ERP System. All the other features are interlinked with the student’s information & database which enables to view any information regarding any student with just a click. On Students Panel admin can: admit a new student, edit existing student, dismiss a student, view profile of student, notify a student via E-mail.

Teacher Management

Teacher Management

This feature is important as it simplifies the role of a teacher on the basis of role and position. This feature is for teacher database management and is like teacher data software. Admin can: add/edit/remove the teacher, view teacher's profile and can assign the role to the teacher. Teacher shall be able to manage: Class, Assign marks, Send notifications, Assign home works etc.

Attendance Management


Attendance management is a full package itself. Admin can shall mark and view attendance of teacher and students. The notification will be sent to parents if student is absent automatically. On attendance panel admin shall: mark attendance for teachers/students, view day wise attendances

Fess Management

Fees Management

This is a complete package added to this system which provides a dynamic feature like cost management system. Admin shall add a fee type and assign it to classes so that on fee submission a student can have list of fees to submit. On fee panel admin can: add a fee structure to class, submit fee of a student, send & print receipt of fee to student, view submitted fees etc.

Class management

Class Management

Classes are the base of this system. Admin can deal with multiple operations on class management system. On Class management admin can: add a new class, edit existing class, assign subjects, sections, periods and exams to the class, view all students, subjects and teachers in the class, assign teachers and class teacher to the class, create/ modify time table of class.

Exam Management

Exams Management

Examination time is the busiest time in a school. This feature helps in simplifying the tasks of the examination process. The admin shall be able to: add a new exam, edit current exam, delete an exam, view current marking status of classes, view report of an individual student, generate bulk reports and send notification to students & teachers.

Events Management


This panel has a fully-fledged feature of event management. Admin should create an event for school in beautiful color combinations and also automatic notification will be sent to all. On events panel admin can: Add a new event, delete/Modify events

Inquiry Handling

Inquiry Handling

This feature deals with all queries submitted by teacher and replies from Admin. It will help admin to provide the immediate solutions to teacher about anything. This feature provides following features: admin can manage all the queries, can send reply to query.

Some Unique Features of VKAMPUS

Frequently Asked Questions

VKAMPUS is a software system developed to help the schools in administrative and management related work which includes work related to admissions, report generation, library management, staff management etc in an easy and simplified way.

Yes, we would love to discuss requirements and provide you with a solution. Write to us on and we will get back to you.

Yes, VKAMPUS provides SMS/mail facility as almost all the parents, staff and students carry a mobile phone with them. Thus, Schools can reach out to parents and students instantly reliably and in a cost effective way. The SMS approach saves time and money for both parents and the management.

VKAMPUS can store as many students as you want. There is no limitations

Yes, The data will be fully secured and backup will be created every day on the server. So there is no chance of loosing any data at any point.

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